History of Zip-O-Log Mills, Inc.

In 1944 Al Hallstrom established Zip-O-Log Mills, Inc. in Coburg, Oregon cutting eight foot railroad ties. The current site in Eugene, Oregon was purchased in 1951 and a new mill was built. In 2006 our capabilities were extended by adding the planning mill in Goshen, Oregon. Today Zip-O-Log Mills, Inc. is owned and operated by third-generation Karl Hallstrom.

Adapting to the times and technological advances, Zip-O stands able to cut top quality products up to 52’ in length.

For a full account of the history of Zip-O-Log Mills, Inc. look for the book “The Zip-O Story” by Gail Wells. It covers the years 1944 thru 2010 and is due out the summer of 2013.

Serving You Today

Zip-O-Log Mills, Inc. products are customer-driven and made possible by our experienced employees whose primary goal is total customer satisfaction.

The Hallstrom family continues to invest in its people and operations to provide top value for our customers. Zip-O stands as tribute to hard work, adaptation, innovation, and ingenuity while never losing its integrity and pride.

Second Generation Bill Hallstrom (sitting)
& Third Generation Karl Hallstrom

Founder of Zip-O-Log Mills Al Hallstrom
Standing in front of first office in Coburg, OR