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When you need timber, the Zip-O-Log’s team can promptly meet all customized construction needs.


What sets us apart

The commitment to providing top quality 100% Douglas Fir products has remained true through recent upgrades to the mill, with which we can now provide custom orders up to fifty-two feet in length. Primarily known for its Timbers, Zip-O also cuts Posts, Joists, Stringers and Domestic Clears.

Celebrating 80 Years of Excellence: Zip-O-Log Mills Marks Milestone in the Lumber Industry

Celebrating 80 Years of Excellence: Zip-O-Log Mills Marks Milestone in the Lumber Industry

#1 & BTR

#1 Grade and Select Structural are the two top grades for strength, Zip-O also goes one step further and adds good appearance as well as strength – the wood has a denser ring count per inch and smaller knot size.

Free of Heart Center

The pith, or center of the log, is called the heart. The heart contains higher amounts of moisture, so when it is within a timber and begins to dry the piece gets more seasoning checks and potential twist that could be lessened by cutting out the heart center. It is optimal for exposed timber applications.


Cuts out of the log that are 6 inches x 6 inches and larger – 6x6 through 12x12.

How are we sustainable?

100% of every log is used.

  • Bark – sold to companies as “beauty bark” for landscaping.
  • Chips – sold as playground chips because of the high quality of chip.
  • Shavings – blueberry farmers, blueberries like the resin in the shavings and grow better.
  • Wood – low grade goes to pallet stock & concrete form up to the timbers which get installed in high appearance applications such as golf clubhouses and custom timber frame homes.

The products that drive us

With the capacity to produce up to 52′ in length, our products are produced for exposed structure applications, and we specialize in #1 & better, free of heart center timbers.

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